68 rooms for your comfort

Based around the dandy universe, our 68 rooms have all been renovated in 2020 to offer you the greatest comforts for your Parisian stays.

The neat aesthetics is nestled in every detail, everything has been carefully chosen to make our rooms a real cocoon during your Parisian getaways: wooden desk and wardrobe custom-made to adapt to the best configuration of the room and your needs, retro-chic look bathroom with shower or bathtub, thick and blackout velvet curtains, worked luminaires and high quality bedding.

Our decorator has carefully chosen every detail, till the wall fabrics so that each room is unique and that this one will be during your stay your cocoon with the dandy look.
Whether you are traveling alone or as a tribe, we can welcome you in one of our rooms that accommodate one to four people. You will therefore be able to enjoy alone or with several the soft and warm atmosphere that they offer.

Single Room


Capacity : 1 people
Bedding : 1 single bed 
(from 80cm to 120cm)
Up to 11 square meters

In a soft and warm atmosphere, these rooms, which for the most part overlook the calm of an interior courtyard, are ideal for your short solo getaways.


Double/Twin Room

Capacity : 2 people
Bedding : 1 full bed (140 à 160cm) or 2 twins beds (80 à 90 cm)
Between 12 and 14 square meters

These rooms will give you the opportunity to enjoy their comfort and are ideal for taking advantage of our various services.


Superieur Double/Twin Room

Capacity : 3 people
Bedding : 1 queen size bed (140 to 180cm) or 2 twins beds (80 to 90cm)
Between 16 and 19 square meters

More spacious than the previous rooms, this room is a pleasant cocoon in which we like to hang out a little or to work.

Family Room

Capacity : up to 4 peoples
Bedding : 1 queen size bed (140 to 180cm) and 1 or 2 twins beds (80 to 90cm) / 3 or 4 twins beds (80 to 90cm)
Between 18 and 21 square meters

If you need space or you are traveling as a tribe, our family rooms can accommodate up to 4 people, you want to enjoy your Parisian getaway with all the necessary comfort.


Room amenities

All rooms of our hotel are equipped with: